Iceriver KS0 pro 200G

CHF 699.00

Explore the innovation of the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G – your ticket to efficient and quiet Kaspa mining! As one of the latest mining giants in the industry, the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G stands out with groundbreaking features and offers significant returns on investment (ROI).

Thanks to advanced technology, the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G enables extremely effective and quiet Kaspa mining. It promises optimal profitability with minimal operating costs, making it the ideal choice for miners looking for an easy entry into mining.

Why choose the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G?

  1. Whisper-quiet hashrate of 200G: The Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G not only impresses with an outstanding hashrate of 200G but is also whisper-quiet. This makes it an outstanding choice for quiet and efficient Kaspa mining. Maximize your profits without disrupting the peace.
  2. Energy efficiency for beginners: The Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G is designed to provide long-term profitability in Kaspa mining while minimizing energy consumption. This allows for a cost-effective entry into mining for everyone interested.
  3. Easy start for everyone: With its user-friendly technology, the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G enables a straightforward entry into mining. Even for beginners, the path to profitable mining returns is simple and accessible.

Seize the opportunity to start with the Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G in quiet and energy-efficient Kaspa mining. Benefit from optimal profitability and be ready for the next chapter in mining – without compromising on noise and energy consumption!

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estimated income
1.54 $/ per day

ROI nach 454 Tagen

Netto-Rendite pro Monat 6.61%

day week month
income 1.71 $ 11.97 $ 51.3 $
electricity costs 0.17 $ 1.19 $ 5.1 $
profit 1.54 $ 10.78 $ 46.2 $